Tips to Avoid Expensive Baltimore City Parking Tickets

Being one of the major cities of Maryland, Baltimore is a busy city where parking can always be a challenge. As Baltimore parking is in relatively high demand and expensive, you can struggle to access affordable Baltimore parking spaces. This can also lead you to be careless, and park illegally, thereby inviting expensive parking tickets. However, did you know that avoiding expensive Baltimore City parking tickets is easy if you put some effort into knowing how you can dodge it? If you didn’t, that is precisely what we will cover so that you will never have to worry about getting ticketed for illegal Baltimore Parking. Following most of these tips, especially for your Downtown Baltimore parking, ensures that you stay clear from unnecessary parking citations and eventually end up saving more money. Here are the essential tips to help you avoid expensive Baltimore city parking tickets

Don’t Mess Around with Baltimore Street Parking Regulations.

Baltimore street parking is enforced and maintained by the Parking Authority of Baltimore city, who are pretty active and efficient about their job. There are several rules and regulations in accordance with the Baltimore City Code. These regulations need to be followed if you don’t want to end up with an expensive Baltimore city parking ticket. Some of the significant rules and regulations that you need to remember and fines for violating the same are as follows:

No Parking Zone: It does not get more obvious than this, but it is a global phenomenon among people to take the risk and park here anyway. If you decide to park next to a “no parking” signboard, be prepared to see your vehicle towed away. Parking tickets for violating this rule can range from $32 to $102 and up to $502.

No Stopping Zone: The city of Baltimore also has several no-stopping zones spread out across the city. All these no-stopping zones prohibit drivers from going for Baltimore parking. If you see a no-stopping zone, never park there as most of these spots have parking enforcement monitoring nearby. Fines for Baltimore Street parking in No Stopping Zones range from $32 to $502.

Passenger Loading Zone: Passenger loading zones are earmarked to take on board or drop off passengers. Passenger loading zones are not meant for Baltimore parking, and if you end up parking for more than the designated time limit, you will receive a Baltimore city parking ticket that can cost you $32.

Truck Loading Zone: Like passenger loading zones, these are zones earmarked for trucks and other similar commercial vehicles. Time limits are also applicable for truck loading zones, and any instance of parking more than the designated time will result in a Baltimore city parking ticket of $52.

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