An online Guide to Hand and power Tools

Hand tools and power tools have their own significance. With the help of hand tools, you can perform work on a material using your hands while the power tools are those which are powered by an electric motor. Hence, the power tools are a great option to do large scale projects quickly and efficiently. If you are a DIY beginner or a true craftsperson for smaller projects, you must know the very difference between hand tools and power tools.

The hand tools include a wide variety of manual tools such as spades and shovels, to hammers and screwdrivers. These types of tools are widely used by people on their daily lives. The hand tool include Screwdriver, Hammer, Spirit Level, Scalpel and Wrench while the power tools include electric drills, petrol chainsaws, lawnmowers, power sanders, nail gun and so on. Hand tools have a clear edge over power tools in terms of being more environmentally friendly, easy to use and cheaper to buy. When it comes to using power tools, you have to be very careful. These tools cannot be used near a water supply or in the rain. You also need to keep these tools out of kids’ reach.

Electric power hand tools are one of the essential items in the toolboxes and workshops of DIY enthusiasts. Every toolbox or workshop possesses at least an electric drill or power sander. The power tools are ideal when it comes to get a large project completed very quickly with less effort and without losing any of the quality. The toolbox of a true craftsman and the beginner has different types of hand tools and power tools. Hence, the tools that are present in the toolbox can easily let you know whether the user is a true craftsman or a beginner. If the task is manpower intensive, the powered tools are the better option.

The electric drill is one of the most commonly used power tools. Nowadays, this tool comes with various attachments in order to make it multipurpose. Hence, you can use the electric drill as a screwdriver or a sander. As a matter of fact, all those tools that require rotational speed to drive can be operated through this machine. Besides, cordless drills that are battery-powered are also available. Since the cordless drill is battery-powered, you can use it outdoors where there is no wired electric supply available. An electrically powered jigsaw is a great tool cutting out wooden shapes. For workers in the construction industry, hammer and nail gun are the two other important tools. These two tools are available in different sizes and are usually driven by compressed air. To know more about hand and power

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