The simplest guide you’ll need to find easy LGA Airport parking

Every New Yorker knows that just one airport is not enough to cater to its needs. The Big Apple is so large that it needs three airports just so that its residents can fly in and out without any issues! Out of the three, LaGuardia Airport has a charm of its own, located in the Queens neighborhood. It is the only New York airport without border control and is closer to Manhattan than JFK or Newark. It’s no surprise that most travelers prefer to drive their car to and from the airport. Can the same be said for LGA Airport parking too?

Most people would say a resounding no! Whichever airport it is, it’s always a challenge to find LGA parking. With hundreds of cars competing for the spots at LaGuardia’s on-site lots, you’ll need to be well-informed to nab a convenient parking spot. However, there’s very little to fear – all you need to do is to know a few simple things about parking at LaGuardia Airport. They’re common guidelines, but not many take the trouble to learn them!

Read on to find the simplest guide you’ll need for an easy LGA parking experience!

Where can I park at LGA Airport?

It’s best to do your homework before heading over to LaGuardia Airport. Since there is tight competition for the parking spots, knowing where to park is already half the task done.

There are three official parking lots at LGA International Airport where you can park:

Terminal A parking
Terminal B parking
Terminal C/D parking

What are the short-term rates for LGA Airport parking?

Short-term LGA Parking

If your trip is only likely to last a day, short-term parking is your best option. This type of parking is best-suited for short business trips, round-trips within a day, etc.

LGA Airport Parking Lot

LGA Airport Parking Rate

Terminal Parking lot (A, B and C/D)


$5/ 30 minutes

What are the long-term rates for LGA Airport parking?

Long-term LGA Parking

Some trips can require you to spend more time away from home. It could take anywhere from three days to a week. In that case, we recommend looking into long-term LGA parking.

LGA Parking Lot

LGA Parking Rate

Terminal Parking


These prices will burn a hole in the pocket of an average person. Off-site parking lots provide the best value for money if you are willing to park near LGA Airport rather than at LGA Airport. Continue reading to learn more!

Are there cheaper off-site options for parking near LGA Airport?

What most people won’t tell you is that better deals can be found just around the corner – literally! Near LaGuardia Airport, there are several airport hotels that provide cheap parking. The benefit of parking here is that you get the same (or even more) facilities as an on-site lot! Since these lots are part of well-kept hotels, they have the most up-to-date security features and amenities. Did we note that all of this comes at a fraction of the price?

Yes, you can save up to 60% on parking near LaGuardia Airport. A rate comparison will show you how much money you can save. Though official LGA airport parking costs at least $39 per day, off-site parking is a bargain at just $10 per day!

You can get a free, contactless parking spot in minutes by using websites like or the Way app. This is a fantastic offer with attractive facilities including a free shuttle to and from the airport, car wash, oil changes, and much more!

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